Saturday, July 26, 2008

Wedding Day Edit

Friday, July 25, 2008.

Before I say more about the wedding, I have to say a little something about team work.

Today we shot a wedding with ricky and ronnie from park place photo. As most of you know we shoot 90 percent of our weddings together. When we are working a wedding, we make sure to help each other out as a team. Here is great example. While we were taking photos in the park, Ricky spots out a great shot from a top a tree branch which is about 10 feet up in the air. He says "that would be a sick shot" and I reply "who's gonna go up?" Well needless to say, ronnie let's us boost him up onto this little tree limb. Ronnie then became photographer and videographer in a tree! Great job Ron we couldn't of captured it with out ya! I left you a little video clip to see what I am talking about.

So now a few words describing our wedding day edit yesterday.
Funny, Mc Donald's, Cool Ring Shot, State Troopers, Shooting pictures/video from highway, two police escorts, chicken nuggets and most of all great people. Enjoy the video

brandy & keith .. 7.25.08 from moving pictures llc on Vimeo.


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Lindsey G said...

Brandy & Keith -- congratulations! Best of luck! Dave, another great recap as always!

- Lindsey & Donnie

Moving Pictures LLC said...

Thanks Lindsey! Looking forward to capturing your day very soon! Dave

James G. said...

love this the ring shot is so amazing

Keith Gannon said...


You made me look great!!! I really appreciate the hard work you and your staff put into our wedding. Your site displays the passion and pride you have displaying your talents. Keep up the good work. You have a unique ability to make GROOMS look forward to their wedding day!

P.S. I may have caved and bought a mac, but I REFUSE to get the I-Phone.