Sunday, July 13, 2008

Wedding Day Edit. 7.12.08

Thanks for the laughs today guys! We all had a lot of fun with the both of you.

Got to work with the infamous Ricky Restiano! It's nice to shoot with someone that has an eye for details and LOVES to do what they do. Thanks Rick!
Well, enjoy the wedding day edit! Dave

PS. Thanks Joe Video for the SICK steadicam shots!


Brooke & Lawrence from moving pictures llc on Vimeo.


Lindsey & Donnie said...

Beautiful recap, Dave! You did an amazing job as always. We are so excited for ours!

Anonymous said...

I love the shot with the rings..and the stedicam is amazing!!

peter said...

I think i've watched it 20 times since you put it on-amazing job
-Lawrence's Brother

Brandy & Keith said...

Fantastic is all I can say! Keith and I are so excited about working with you all next week!