Friday, April 4, 2008


Hey all, we had a crazy day today. It was moving day! All I have to say is WOW! Thank god Joe "Video", Jim and my stepfather Tom were there or today would of been a big bust. We started off at 11 am at IKEA where I picked up my comfy leather couch and my new editing desk. Mr Video and jim didn't like my Vintage looking desk but hey I like it. It is a 5 foot stainless steel desk with funky legs. After IKEA we stopped at the old office and began hell day. I never realized how much video equipment I own. When your shooting 50 weddings half the year and the other half of the year, producing/editing commercials and corporate videos. You have to own a lot of gear. It took us 8 trips with 3 trucks! WOW. The "Moving" team was unreal. Nothing broke, nothing missing and nothing sold on the side of the street! LOL.. At the end of the day we got 80% of my office in but not taken out of boxes. Tomorrow morning I will be putting it all back together! Wish me luck. The new office should be up and ready to go by thursday, friday! See you soon, dave

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