Tuesday, April 8, 2008

coporate shoot today

So today we shot a video that will be for sale very soon. The video is a teaching tool on the do's and dont's on what to do if you wanna run for office. It really is some interesting stuff. We worked with jay townsend from the Townsend Group. He has been a political consultant for a very long time. Moving Pictures worked with him on multiple commericals in the past, which were always a laugh. Today was his day to shine as he is releasing a 9 DVD set on running for office. If your interested you can also just hire him to run your campain. We also stole ronnie from park place photo today (sorry rick). He helped us with audio, behind the scene shots and most of all he helped joe video set up the lighting. We also worked with Angela who is a make-up artist. Yes, she does do weddings, if you need to contact her just give me a call and I can give you her number. I will post the link on where to buy the videos in case you are interested. Dave

Oh Yeah check out the house we shot in. The views were INSANE.

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