Monday, June 1, 2009

nancy & frankie's extreme internet recap 5.30.09 HD

Before you read this, keep in mind that we were able to make this video happen thanks to Ricky Restiano's patience and help all day long! We had to use a lot of our new toys to make these shots happen and he worked with us not against us! Thanks Rick!

So here is something that we have never put together before at moving pictures! Nancy and Frankie asked us to push the limits on their wedding day and boy did we! We worked with ricky for the photos and I have to tip my hat to him cause he really took the images to a level that NO one can ever touch!

So enough to me talking already watch the video!

To see ricky's insane slide show go to his blog here

To watch the video in HD, first let the video load then click the "X" button and enjoy.

nancy & frankie's extreme recap 5.30.09 HD from moving pictures llc on Vimeo.

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