Tuesday, October 7, 2008

World Wide Recap of jamie + gino 10.4.08

I don't know where to start, there is so much I wanna say. First off let me tell you that the video you are about to watch has a lot of emotion, craziness and most importantly laughs. This internet recap is something so different cause of the shots, music, energy, speeches and most importantly the bride and groom. They picked a perfect song that matched their wedding! Good Job guys! Please do enjoy it and feel free to leave them any comments you want.



PS. To see the video in High Definition click on this link

jamie + gino 10.4.08 from moving pictures llc on Vimeo.


lrubi0307 said...

Like always, your work amazes us and it just keeps getting better! Awesome job with the video Dave, hope you had a great time.

-Laura & Mike

Anonymous said...

Dave you are a true genius. Im so upset my wedding is over but I am so lucky to have you as my videographer. I can relive it anytime I want and you know its been on repeat all day ; ) Your the best we love you, your crew (Joe & pete) and your work...your simply the BEST! xoxo Jamie & Gino

Moving Pictures LLC said...

your making me blush! lol.. Myself and my crew TRULY enjoyed every minute working with you guys! Can't wait for the next one! Dave

Amanda McFarlane said...

Just wanted to give credit where and when credit is due. That short video clip was AWESOME. The second I saw it I wrote to Laura asking her for details about movingpictures. I am beginning to plan my wedding and hope to use you guys as videographers. Awesome, awesome job.

-Amanda McFarlane

Anonymous said...

Hey Dave-- This is PERFECT video that captures Jamie and Gino's beautiful day. You work is unbelievable and you and your crew make it so fun while doing it. Your the best!!


Jenn Galluzzo said...

its been over a month and this video still gives me the chills! its amazing Dave...ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!!!